Do You Want To Learn Softball?

Fastpitch softball is now one of the team-participation sports played in the United States. It has a special place in people’s heart and the people who get involved in this sport tend to get very attached to it. There are so many nuances of the game that are being studied now extensively that adds, even more, science and fun to the game. The tiniest things and maneuvers can have a huge impact on the pitch and this is why this game has the kind of attention to detail on the players’ parts that most other games do not.

On the other hand, a sport like a baseball is much more fast paced. There is a lot of action and it moves much faster. There isn’t as much action in Softball, but there is more tension and the game really builds up. Having said that, as the name suggests, Fastpitch softball can also move pretty fast. The batter typically does not get much time to decided because the pitch is so fast! This means the skill of batting relies more on intuition and comes through practice, as it is in most sports that require in-the-moment thinking rather than careful deliberation.

Fastpitch Vs Slowpitch Softball

If you have heard of Fastpitch softball, then it’s quite likely you have heard of Slowpitch as well. Slowpitch softball does not require the amount of dedication, travel, or skill that Fastpitch does. Most of the differences between Slowpitch and Fastpitch were designed to give more control of the game to the batting side, to make the game more even-sided.

Now if you want to learn Softball and you are just getting into it, then you might want to start by getting acquainted with the rules of the game. There is ample information available online where you can read the basics. You can also watch training and demonstration videos on YouTube. With so much free information available online these days, you have a plethora of choices available at your fingertips.

However, it can also be a little confusing because, on free media websites such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit etc, the information is mostly “crowdsourced”, which means that it is populated by readers. As such, you may come across some inconsistencies and find yourself getting confused at times as to which of the 2 iterations of the information is true. So if you would like to be more efficient with your learning, then it is best to invest in a DVD training course of some kind that teaches the basics of the game. If you want to keep up with the latest, you can check the United States Specialty Sports Association website.


Once you have this information, however, it is time to get into action! That’s right, you’re not going to learn any sport by just reading about it. Partner up with some friends, or family and start playing. Make mistakes, get embarrassed. That is how you learn. It is also advisable that you do NOT decide which side of the game you want to focus on (pitcher vs batter) until you get on the field. When you start playing, you will soon find out which of the two you like more of. In fact, you might even have some natural talent. Once you discover this, it is time to focus on your strengths and hone in on that skill. But do not ignore the other parts of the game. You need to be proficient at all parts of the game but specialize in only one. Coaching can help a lot when it comes to improving your skills. Read our post about sports coaching here.

Marketing & Sponsors

If you get to level where you start playing professionally or in local tournaments and games of prizes or events, then you might need to look for sponsors. You will find that it is not too difficult to find sponsors for these event games because companies are often looking for that kind of local exposure and local sports games are a great way for them to advertise. In fact, they might even help you do some marketing and advertising for the game/event itself to attract more people because it is in as much of their interest as yours.